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September 20th 2018

Halfquake Trilogy will be released on October 5th 2018! Make sure to add it to your wishlist to make sure it gets some visibility.

Also, we have a Halfquake discord server now for your idling needs.

See you again soon!

August 30th 2018

Halfquake Trilogy has been approved! I wrote a little summary in the latest Halfquake group announcement, if you want to know more.

Djigallag is once again hijacking this news post with more incredible art for Antaran's Journal. He made a map, and then went on to draw crests for Namtolan, Emtik, Astatik, and Insomida.

You might also be interested in a new update post by DmitriyTheFox about his mod Useless Soul. Make sure to check out all the screenshots, too, there's lots of creative usage of my Halfquake textures going on.

And finally, shout outs to Mike Hillard (voice of Somos in Halfquake Sunrise as well as the scientist in Black Mesa), and Mr. Greywool, both of the awesomest caliber.

I personally can't believe that I'm releasing Halfquake again, it's been almost 18 years since the first one. That's crazy. :D Looking forward to all the reactions of a new audience.

July 31st 2018

Thanks to my friend Djigallag, Antaran's Journal is now available in Russian!

He also drew Halfquake Trilogy logos and backgrounds because I was looking for help. You can check them out here and here.

Also, check out Mr. Sen's re-drawn fan art of Bonedude, his sister, victim and the dragon!

Halfquake Trilogy is close to being done. As always, you can follow the progress right here.

And thanks to Funnycreature and Neoviper for being as awesome as you are :D

June 26th 2018

Thanks to Arzen for these incredible images! Check out their sketchbook here (especially that breathtaking FFXV fan art!).

Development on Halfquake Trilogy is coming along nicely! As always you can check out new songs and general progress over here.

Remember that you will need Half-Life on Steam if you plan to play Halfquake Trilogy. Luckily, it's currently on sale for 90% off, so get it while it's cheap!

May 15th 2018

The old server abandoned us and we live again on this shiny new one. It may not be a real one (it's kind of virtual), but the same goes for all of our imagined realities anyway: It's good enough. Ignorance is bliss, and all that!

So, here's what happened in the past five months:
It looks like the Steam release of Halfquake Trilogy is on the horizon, so please keep your fingers crossed that everything will work smoothly!




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