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October 14th 2006

Okay guys, I want you to get out there or go to or whatever and get The Information, the latest album by Beck. Once you have it in your hands, forget the DVD with crappy videos that's also in the case, just throw in the CD, sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy. It seems the latest releases like Sea Change and Guero (and probably to some extend even Guerolito) were just foreplay, just some childish tease that built up to this explosion of insanely creative work of music art.


October 14th 2006

New toys have arrived. Some of the preset keyboard sounds are absolutely awesome and inspiring (most are pure crap, but that was to be expected), and the ebass makes me feel like I can destroy the world.

Music, my friends. It's time for more music.

September 09th 2006

(Click the image for full size!)

September 07th 2006

Here it is. My personal album "Remains".

Click here to view the lyrics page.

And here to download the 14 songs.

I hope you like it. (:

September 05th 2006

Kowi sent me a nice HQA-themed picture that surely could be used as a desktop wallpaper. Click here.

Also, Jason sent me two screenshots of Mister Gothazod himself (City of Villains, I guess):

> Screenshot 1
> Screenshot 2





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