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November 21st 2002

Okay folks.
I wrote about four mails to Chuck from PC Gamer but he didn't answer. Now I start a mailing party (:
Everyone who wants Halfquake Amen to be featured in one of the next PC Gamer issues writes NOW an email to or
Something like .. "have you ever heard about halfquake amen? ( it's so blablabla and blablabla and you should put it on your cd, dudes. cause it's SO blablabla and bla and overall blabla. thanks chuck!"
(replace the blahblahs with something useful)
Awright .. I count on you guys (:
Stay dead.

November 18th 2002

We got two new Halfquake Amen reviews! Check them out here (2/5) and here (hungary).
I also received two emails concerning Halfquake Amen:

"Hey, I just got through HalfQuake Amen not too long ago, and I just wanted to congratulate you guys on it. This is without a doubt the best and most entertaining mod I've ever played. I enjoyed the first half quake, and when I saw a story about Amen being reviewed on Planethalflife, I instantly went and downloaded it. The level design is simply brilliant, all the different effects are great, and the black and white color scheme created an otherworldy feeling. My only problem with it is that it was a bit too short, only took me about 5 hours on medium, maybe I better go back and play it on hard :) The puzzles were pretty innovative, but still very solvable, all it takes is a bit of observation. I really don't know what some of the reviewers are talking about, I didn't get too frustrated at any one point, although patience did try my patience a little. Then the music and the voice acting, well that was just icing on the cake. I just downloaded the soundtrack for amen and I've been listening to it for the past two hours or so. Really, keep up the awesome work, I'm really looking forward to the next half quake. - Jeff Ross"

And another mail from our fans in Latvia. Greetings to Wanted and Chikanok!

The new farm design should be done in two weeks. Darrn is working hard on "The Next Victim" and I got a new idea for an online halfquake game ... Let's surprise you.
Stay dead.

November 08th 2002

New Farm - Site Design: 85%
New Farm - Site Programming: 25%
New Farm - Site Forum: 0% (I've got to ask niner (yes, the dragon (; )

It's a moment in which you wanna clone yourself a hundred times.
I'll be back on Monday.
If you get bored on the weekend, go and start Halfquake Amen once again and watch a few secrets:

1. Pestilence: In the first room of the first quiz game step back a while and you'll face a face.
2. In the room before sapience (where you get the sword out of a weapon box) look back. There's an evil smiley on the wall. Step through it.
3. There's a hidden teleporter in one of the death cells.
4. Silence: In the room of music (4 buttons which activate 4 different sounds) search for an evil smiley on a wall...
5. Absence: in the area where you have to activate two lightnings there's a hidden door on the second floor.
6. Ambience: One time you've got to choose either the left or the right way up. Choose the right. In the next level walk onto the "catwalk". You'll face two buttons that activate "behind-the-scenes"-wave-files.
7. Ambience: In the first map when you get to the portal go left to the end of the wall. Two pictures will appear.
8. Offence: After the nice rotating life-death-exit room with the acoustic guitar you get to a big room. In this room there's a hidden button in the hole on the floor...

Good luck. And if you're still bored create an account here. Thanks.




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