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May 11th 2006

I now (am forced to) join the mainstream of our current internet culture due to some people's requests, and am providing an RSS Feed to everything I create. The RSS Feed is located here. I don't know if that really is any better than just a list of bookmarks, but here it is. Your RSS Feed. I hope it calms your hunger and your thirst (Well, for the latter it should be called "RSS Drink", I suppose! Quick, someone trademark this name!).

April 14th 2006

Okay. If I want more black t-shirts in one shop, I have to pay about 7 dollars a month to keep up the shop. Now, I wouldn't even sell that many tshirts to get those 7 dollars back in. Sure, I can create a new shop for each black tshirt I want to sell, but this doesn't look like a good solution.

For now, the cafepress idea is dead again. Maybe it will return later if I have any good t-shirt ideas.

April 08th 2006

If you're interested in buying HQA tshirts and other stuff, check out the Halfquake Amen Store at Cafepress. I'm gonna add more t-shirt designs next week (like the Exit Cell design and a Personal Halfquake one).

March 31st 2006

I released the SoundDesigner today, which will later be used for background music in "I'm a Dragon". You can find it at newgrounds and on At the latter you will also find 3 example songs I added which you can load into the SoundDesigner.

Have fun!

March 23rd 2006




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