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March 14th 2007

Muddasheep's Daydream Part 6

Something is standing behind you, right now. Turn around. You don't see it? That's because your eyes are specialized on certain frequencies of light. Reach for it and you'll notice you also can't feel it. The reason for this is that humans are made to feel what we call 'solid' material. But it is standing behind you. Maybe it can't see you either and it is just standing there because wherever you are right now you're actually inside a cave of some sort that it chose to live in. There are only six classical senses - or more than 30 according to Guy Murchie. But what if there are a lot of different frequencies that we just can't receive with either our senses and things made out of completely different "material" than we are made of? A different dimension perhaps, but it's not a different dimension in the actual meaning, it's right here, right where you are, it's existing within us, maybe one world or even more. Maybe it has something to do with what we call 'ghosts', only in an extremely larger scale, and they are not souls of dead humans, they are beings just like us, only made out of different basic elements.

Guy Murchie believed that Earth is a single organism. If that is the case then I would say humanity is Earth's plague. But we all knew that already. "You are the cancer of this planet and we are the cure."

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is coming out after seven years under development. It allows players to enter the Zone of Alienation/Chernobyl and explore it. I remember my mother telling me about when I was two years old and the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant exploded and we weren't allowed to go outside for a few days. Just recently I spoke with a new russian friend of mine about what she remembered. She was about the same age like me and she recalls images on television before the nuclear holocaust showing new white buildings that looked very modern back then, and she remembers that a lot of people had died and others were exposed to high radiation that would make them suffer and die a horrible death. Her aunt lives very close to Chernobyl and whenever they visited her aunt my friend felt sleepy and dizzy and her parents just said that it's because of the radiation. In the end I just wonder why some politicians in the European Union call out for nuclear energy and say that it's environment friendly and a very safe and reliable source. I mean, that might be the case, but only until reactors explode.

March 07th 2007

I've got a lot of new stuff for you. First of all, click here to watch the most awesomest of animated HQA Comic-ness by 5angel!

And here are a few of the added fan art pictures:

Pospi's HQA EyePospi's Sadism InsidePyroclasm's VictimBooks are bad!The New Victim (by TheNameless)
God bless a merry car (by TheNameless)Keep Smiling (by TheNameless)No (by Pospi)Sadism (by Krehlmar)Your end is near! (by Chewbacca)

I also wrote a review about Secret Files: Tunguska today. And now for a little more ranting on Mathematics!

Muddasheep's Daydream Part 5

Infinity. The imagination of humans is limited. We can think of ten pieces of gold. We can maybe think of one hundred. Trying to picture one thousand pieces of gold is already a bit vague, trying to visualize one million pieces is probably just a joke, and one billion is just this huge, endless mountain of gold - and I just wrote it. Endless. Where does infinity "begin"? Is infinity really infinite or is it just infinite because we can't imagine it? Does infinity end in infinity?

Do we really exist? There are so many factors involved in our ability to sit here and read stuff on the internet, that it is - by our imagination - impossible that we exist. In example, we wouldn't live without the moon. The moon slows earth down and stabilizes it, making it possible to have certain climate areas, so that life can actually evolve and fit into its surroundings. How lucky are we that due to some random meteor that hit the earth the moon was created? And how lucky are we that humans came to be? I say it's impossible. Or is it just impossible because my mind can't cope with the sheer amount of infinite randomness, which maybe isn't infinite or random at all?

I recently read an article about infinity in which it was stated that if you randomly arrange infinite letters next to each other you will never get a Shakespeare book out of it. We are abstract beings and we create abstract things that are so unique they just can't appear twice anywhere in this universe. Doesn't that make you feel special?

Then again, if somebody could go infinitely far away from earth and look back to you, wouldn't that make you infinitely small? So small in fact, that you probably just don't exist? But then, what and where are we?

March 06th 2007

Muddasheep's Daydream - Part 4

Size is part of humanity's Mathematics. We measure buildings, land, planets, books, streets - everything. But since measuring is just part of humanity's imagination, it's probably as flawed as our senses, compared to senses of, say, cats who can hear, smell and see better (or just different?) than humans. MIB can be quoted, saying that size doesn't matter: A complete galaxy in somebody's hands. But that's not all. What if in the moment you raise your hand millions, billions, maybe an infinite amount of - what we would call - lives have lived and died in just a split-second - on your skin, on your fingertip, on the surface on your eyes. I've said it in a previous Daydream - what if you could look infinitely close and see infinite different universes in your hair?

Imagine life on the little stone that you're about to step on, while you're on your way to work. There might be a large civilization, all looking up, waiting for this mysterious thing to slowly get closer, and finally make an impact after millions of years - by their definition.

Let's zoom back out a bit again. The moment you try to smash a fly with your bare hand, it (mostly) simply flies away. Why? Because a fly sees your hand coming closer to it in slow motion. Not exactly Matrix-style, but a lot slower than you see it. It has a different sense of time. The smaller you are, the slower you sense time.

Which leads me to another subject. Somebody told me once that a friend of him experienced a car crash and survived it. The moment his friend got off the road his adrenaline shot in and he suddenly sensed time a lot faster, and was able to see everything a lot slower and was therefore able to move his car out of any life threatening danger. After that his friend and he tried to reconstruct that ability by concentration and meditation.

Time as we know it doesn't really exist, it is just a measurement. Size doesn't exist, it's just a measurement as well. I hope that one plus one still equals two though, otherwise I don't have many optimistic thoughts about Mathematics anymore.

March 03rd 2007

Two of Pospi's wallpapers and another random artwork by Kowi have been added to the stuff section today, along another two of my photography images:

Pospi's Somos Wallpaper 1Pospi's Somos Wallpaper 2Kowi's Random ArtBeauty is just a DreamRoom of Despair

Also in case you don't know it yet, watch Pospi's Final Thought movie.

Muddasheep's Daydream - Part 3

Mathematics has been around on this planet for quite a few years now. Considering that earth is 4.57 billion years old, Mathematics has been around for what's just the blink of an eye for the little planet we're living on. This mysterious movement that allows people to figure out how many apples have grown on a tree has evolved into a system most of the planet's population relies on heavily. Mathematics is everywhere you look, such as time, economics, science and engineering. In the past many early scientists had strong religious beliefs and therefore tried to connect both fields.

In example, Isaac Newton wrote: "This most beautiful System of the Sun, Planets and Comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful being."

And Isaac Newton also said that "Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who set the planets in motion. God governs all things and knows all that is or can be done."

That being said, in the last few years scientists clearly drew a thicker line between science and "mere" religions, as they now try to discover the "true" meaning behind what caused the universe to appear, and question the existence of humanity and try to answer those questions without the excuse of it simply being God's creation (due to His godly boredom?).

With Mathematics humanity has found a lot of answers to previously simply ignored questions, such as if earth is flat or round (or elliptic) and if the sun and all the rest of the stars circle around the earth - for the latter of which Galileo Galilei has been found suspect of heresy around 1630 (even though in 1992 Pope John Paul II expressed his regrets about the actions taken by the Roman Catholic Church against Galileo).

It seems that Mathematics generally reveals the truth. The answers we receive are a bit more satisfying than just saying "God did it". Then again, who's to say that Mathematics isn't just another religion built around the need for abstract explanations to feed our higher intellect? Which in the end lets us sleep soundly, knowing that we know the truth and there is no need to be nervous. Is there?

March 01st 2007

Day 58 of Antaran's Journal has been revealed.

Muddasheep's Daydream - Part 2

How close can our scientists look? Molecules, atoms, quarks, gluons,... If you think about it we could basically take a closer look infinitely and probably would always find something. But what? And why is it holding us together? While you're standing there and waiting for the bus to arrive, is there any reason for the thing that holds us together to not just let go and call it a day? You sneeze and your body collapses like sand, like Imhotep in The Mummy. Gesundheit!

Why do we still need to eat anyway? Why can't we just take the sandwhich and press it against our belly and it quickly gets absorbed through the skin? Technically everything is made of the same basic entity that tells our little quarks and gluons and neutrons and protons what to do. Just like a giant screen consisting of thousands of pixels, and every pixel merely appears as a different color.

So, maybe you might want to pull yourself together, you could fall apart any minute. And I don't want to be the one discovering you afterwards.




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