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March 11th 2004

A few days ago I made a new portal site for Actually I didn't expect anyone to like it - but it turns out that people do so. Of course, I'm glad and I appreciate it.

Though the plans for were kinda different. I wanted to draw something huge, but then I was sitting in the office and was bored and started coding the new entry page. Maybe I'll change it again soon. Or maybe not. People like it, so why bother changing?

HQS is under heavy construction. That's why the HQA comics are not updated. I will however try to update it next week, but I stop promising. My head is concentrating on HQS right now and I don't want to interrupt the creative flow.

Every day I go to bed I see things before my eyes, white and black shapes and rooms, and suddenly I have another idea for a part of HQS. My mind's thinking in "levels" again, fortunately.

Not only the comic is suffering, but PHQ is suffering too. I try to change HealTheDragon a bit on the weekend if I can scratch some free time together. But again, I won't promise anything.

Besides, I'm still trying to write a book called "Princess Anblis". I really want to finish that too, but it takes a lot more motivation to start writing again. Actually I shouldn't have stopped.
Anyway, don't bother asking me about it, it's german and it's not finished. After I've done that I might release it on my personal homepage,

What else? Well, I'm trying to find a job as a webdesigner. I really think I've got some good chances to get one. I'm going to ask 5 companies and all I can do is waiting and hoping.

As usual.

February 29th 2004

I apologize for the absence of HQA Comics last week. I decided to reduce the amounts of comics to 2 strips per week. I need more time for HQS now and I guess you understand.

There are two sites I wanted to mention. First a german dragon fanpage by Loony99 and Chaos: We Are Dragons

And there's a russian mod under construction which will feature a parody halfquake level. ISPITATEL 3

Stay dead.

February 13th 2004

I'll be on vacation the next week so there'll be no new HQA Comic, I'm afraid. I'll spend the whole week in vienna and I can't scan my drawings there so please apologize. I'll continue the comic as soon as I get home again.

There may be a few updates for PHQ though. And I'll definitely get some ideas for Halfquake Sunrise. My imagination's coming back and focusing on the world of halfquake again.

Hmm .. yes.. I guess that's all for now.

February 09th 2004

The official (well, what else could it be) Halfquake Sunrise website got launched today. Click here. At the moment it's all kinda temporary. It'll be updated and improved as soon as possible. For further news on the progress of Halfquake Sunrise always have look at its page.

Oh and thanks for the comments on the latest Halfquake Amen Comics. I've reached number 100 and actually I didn't want to make a birthday comic strip or something like that because I didn't want to interrupt the "story"-line. Well, anyways, I hope you're gonna enjoy the next 100 comic strips. At least I do. (:

One last thing: I hope you know that I'm only uploading new episodes of the HQA comic from monday to thursday. Just for your information.

Stay dead.

January 27th 2004

I started working on the intro song for Halfquake Sunrise yesterday. I've also created the mod folder for it in my halflife directory and added the Spirit program files. Last week I bought a file, like I had one for Halfquake Amen (this time it's black, not green heh). Soon I'll draw the logo and design a section here on the farm. It seems that things start rolling again...

Spirit Of Halflife offers a large variety of possibilities which increases the options for Halfquake Sunrise by about 200%. It's amazing what a single function (MoveWith) can do. I've got a bunch of ideas already and there'll be definitely more.

Meanwhile I'm updating PHQ and HQA Comics regularly and playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for no reason. This game is kinda funny and addictive and it inspires me a bit. Though there's a lack of story there and I don't know... it's called Final Fantasy but it isn't ... somehow. Anyway, Golden Sun was worse than FFTA. But I remember playing Golden Sun during the last few months before the release of Halfquake Amen. Those were the times.

But hey, in about one year you'll be able to play Halfquake Sunrise! Patience is all you need.

Stay dead.




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