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March 03rd 2013

Fallen Sheep is back!

Unfortunately, some of the songs weren't available in more than 160kbps. Back in 2000 I didn't have a lot of harddrive space and I needed to convert all source WAV files into MP3 160kbps so I could burn as much as possible on CDs, thinking I wouldn't need a higher quality anyway. (Oh, how wrong I was!)

Just for your information, the domains and will be transferred to a different company in the next few days, so things might get a little wonky around here (more than usual).

February 02nd 2013

Here are a bunch of new and old images.


And some more images by yours truly! These are actually drawings I wanted to use for the creatures in Personal Halfquake. And the Somos drawing was used for the Planet Phillip Halfquake event.


And more!
Fallen Sheep and Remix and Cover will be back again shortly!

January 14th 2013

The fourth version of The Farm is here!

This marks the first time in a decade I've rewritten this website from scratch. I've also updated a lot of project details and files. Most stories can be downloaded as PDF, Remains is now available at 320kbit, songs can all be downloaded individually and lyrics are available instantly as well.

There are still a few things that I will implement (and fix) in the next few days and weeks. For example, Fallen Sheep is still missing, as well as Remix and Cover, which collects all songs that were previously on Fallen Sheep, but were actually just remixes and covers (who would've thought). They'll both be here again soon.

In any case, I hope you guys like my new place! Take a seat, pour yourself some coffee (or tea or whine or water) and check out the stuff on display. And if something explodes, you know, unintentionally - let me know!

January 01st 2013

Welcome to 2013!

The Farm will self-destruct in:
00h 00m 00s

December 11th 2012

More stuff, thanks to Malastrome15 and Denikover!

Malastrome15's FaddasheepMalastrome15's Mudda and FaddaDenikover's Critical Beauty Inspired ArtDenikover's Critical Beauty Inspired ArtDenikover's Bookmark

I also found an alternate version to Chainsaw Reaction (here's the original).

Furthermore, you may watch ParkJinSung2509 almost casually taking a stroll through Halfquake, Halfquake Amen and Halfquake Sunrise.

And lastly, Dimak created a standalone version of Halfquake Sunrise based on the Xash3D engine.

Thanks again everyone for your kind words regarding the look behind the (death) scenes of Halfquake Sunrise, it means a lot to me.




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