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June 20th 2004

TowerDefense Park has been released. Get it here. It may be improved in the future.

June 15th 2004

Arrrr, time for an update, I say!

First of all: Thanks to Reboot for all the effort on creating a port for Halfquake Amen which makes it finally look nice on steam. Download it here now or never.

Also we've got a chat now! To join the sadistic chat you need a PHQ account.

And remember the surprise I was talking about? Well, here it is. It's not completely done yet (hence, no download butt-on), but I'll let you know when you can download it.

Additionally I found some time to add a new hqa comic.

And last but not least, I decided to release the main theme of Halfquake Sunrise. Download here.

PLUS: Everyone who wants to know: Here's my current situation: Click here.

Have a nice day.

June 08th 2004

Sorry, no new comic this week. Real life is really annoying at the moment, and I can't help it. We're moving to a new place, final exams are in exactly 2 weeks and I'm tired like hell. I hope that I'll be able to do ANYTHING after the next two weeks. I dunno, but at the moment I feel simply dead. I wish I could screw it all, sit in a dark room all day long an do something useful. *sigh* Please be patient... I know that this should never happen to any webcomic or any PROJECT in general, but this situation really caught me off guard. Things here will be better once I return.

You'll be glad to hear that even if I don't have any time I'll release a small surprise (hopefully) this weekend on which I try to relax and get some sleep.

Also, I'd be glad if there were more contestants for the 4th tshirt contest. So don't be lazy, take a picture of your room and send it over! The contest ends on 1st July 2004.

May 12th 2004

For those of you who care about foreign language: Toyoch, one of our japanese community (actually I think he's the only one from japan who likes halfquake..), translated my songs into japanese. Watch this and get blown away. I owe him a lot. (:

May 09th 2004

Two new things, in case you haven't already recognized them:

- We've got a new forum on the farm! It's merged with the PHQ forum, so you'll need a PHQ account to join us here.

- I've added a death list for Halfquake Sunrise, just visit the mod site

Stay dead.




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