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June 02nd 2007

Yesterday's HQA Comic has been posted today.

I've also finally added I'm a Dragon to the projects section.

And for those who want to read a bit, I've written another Quick Movie Review.

A friend of mine showed me a video of Bob Ross. I've only known about that man because there was a rumor of a Bob Ross Wii game. But now that I've seen that man's magic in action, I just don't know what to say. This man is so full of peace it's rather inspiring. And the comments he makes while painting are simply hilarious. Talk about happy little trees and clouds. You should give it a try. Here's Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of Reflections of Calm. It's also sad to know that Bob died of cancer in 1995 at the age of 53. But at least we can assume he had led a rather fulfilling life.

And here's a Final Fantasy 11 video that I can't get enough of. ^^

May 30th 2007


A few years ago I've purchased the GBA Movie Player. While it was kinda fun to watch a few movies, listen to MP3s, and look through images on my GBA SP, and yet the fun wore off pretty quickly.

When the Nintendo DS arrived some people quickly developed the first ways to hack into the system, things like FlashMe and PassMe appeared, but both required too much effort and had some risk that your DS would get broken or at least the warranty would dissolve.

And now Reboot and Janis sent me a link to the M3 DS Simply - and I finally can turn my DS into the kind of gadget it should have been from the beginning. Watch movies and images, listen to MP3s, run DS Roms (!), and homebrew stuff like ScummVM (!!) and DSOrganize (including an IRC client and a webbrowser), both of which you can get at H4ndy's Homebrew Site.

I'm so happy now! *_*

May 28th 2007

This week I will create another five HQA Comics, starting today. There should be around fifteen ahead before the comic ends.

I've finished watching Lost Season 3 and afterwards I've read a review about the final episodes on IGN. I really don't know what the purpose of that review is. Normally a review should tell the reader if it's worth watching or not, and not spoil the whole thing for you. They even say who dies and how it ends. I'm glad I didn't read it before I saw the show myself. Anyway, I enjoyed all seasons of Lost so far, the third not being an exception, and I can recommend it if you're into mystical stuff and don't need a realistic explanation for everything (because frankly, nothing in Lost is realistic anymore). The only problem I have with Lost is that now I have to wait until sometime in 2008 to get to see the next season. X_x

I've heard that the writers of Lost are friends with the writers of the series called Heroes, so I had to check it out as well. The pilot episode wasn't really a killer entry, but the second episode really got me hooked. I'm already looking forward to the second season.

May 23rd 2007

Another part of HQA Comics is available.

I have two new ideas which I'm very obsessed with lately. The first is a writing project that should bring one new short story every week, and maybe span over 50 parts or so. It would be a completely new universe, based on our current age, but with a strange twist.

The other project would be a flash game (not Moosy) that I've written about some entries ago. The flash game would be a mixture of top-down-racing and defend-the-castle-style-games. On paper it looks like this would be a lot of fun to create and play.

I want to start with HQS as soon as the HQA Comics are done (mid-june, with a lot of optimism), so I don't know whether those projects will ever see the light of the day. All I can do is take as many notes as possible and return to my idea treasure whenever I have time again.

I've made up my mind about why I'm doing all of this. I create because I'm having fun. I guess that's all there is to say. (:

May 22nd 2007

Another HQA Comic is out. And 5angel created his version of the fight Dravon vs. Somos, which you can see below.

Antaran's Journal arrived today. I will have to change a few things and try again, so it will probably take another two or three weeks before I am able to give it to those who want it. (:




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