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January 16th 2003

Well, well.

The dragon of the Halfquake Comic is still alive, darrn has some problems with time and school (who has not?) and I've already finished the basic design and registration of Personal Halfquake.

Thanks to nine for being patient with me. (;

I love winter. The moment couldn't be better for creating comics, music and a game.

Yesterday in school we discussed about holidays. After a few standard opinions and sunny-hot-weather-stories I had to speak. I told them that in summer I'd never go out and that I hate lying in the sun. I said it's wasting time. I prefer being at home with my ventilator and creating something - using the time, so to speak.

And then I realized how an alien must feel when it lands on earth and gets surrounded by human beings.

January 09th 2003

flint, gamer_7601 and I created a little bonus pic for our hq fans: click here.

And I found an interesting site which shows a review about halfquake amen: click here

Today I started Personal Halfquake. Finally. Hope I get it done soon.

January 05th 2003

Finally I reached Vienna. In two days I'll be back home and start my work on Personal Halfquake. Hope you all had a good time.

I just found this news entry at

When not spending exorbitant amounts of money at Best Buy, I'm playing games. That should be a familiar thing if you are visiting this site on purpose. An interesting mod has had my attention recently, HalfQuake: Amen. This is one twisted mod... It looks like Tron in black and white but plays like some kind of Alice in Wonderland meets Hellraiser. You start off as a human, being punished for being human, and trapped in some kind of warped dimension where light can't, or won't, exist. Nearly everything kills you...dead. You have to solve puzzle after puzzle and there's almost no meaning to anything. One of my favorite parts is right after the beginning where you fall down a hole and get the famous "Tetris" music from the old Game Boy version. Excellent choice of music for something so trivial. There's this one part called "Patience" which requires, exactly, 20 minutes of...patience. Just standing there, you know, being patient. You get this feeling of entrapment, confusion, and the desire to escape which just really pulls you into the game. The whole goal of the mod is punishment and they really drive the point home. However, I'm just enough of a sick bastard to find the experience beautifully bewildering. It's like a really cool nightmare! Definitely check it out if you get the chance and are looking for something...different.

Thanks to Deiru.

Oh and I found a new form entry about Halfquake Amen: click here

December 19th 2002

Another year dies and the next one is already growing in mother earth's womb.

This year was a very important one for the farm. Halfquake Amen got released and became a little success, we got lots of new fans, an online comic, a new site design and the new farm member darrn. Unfortunately phoenix left the farm because of other interests, but we're still in contact.

What's coming in 2003?
First of all: There'll be the online-game "personal halfquake", which I'm going to write in perl and mysql.
Second: Maybe I'll do some warcraft III maps. At least I got some ideas already. But I'd need a better PC...
Third: Maybe darrn's going to release hqa: the next victim sooner or later.
Fourth: The online comic of halfquake amen goes on.

I'll be away from tomorrow till Tuesday, January 7th 2003. There will be no new Halfquake Amen Comics and no news entries for you during this time. Maybe sven and darrn will write some reviews and news in their sections. Oh, and if you're bored then download silent knight.

Anyway, I hope you had a good year too, at least in virtuality. Wish you all nice holidays, vacations and - of course - a good new year. Hope I meet you all again in 2003.

Stay dead.

December 13th 2002

Darrn's project got mentioned in the hangar 16 new blood forum.

And what about me?
Well, I decided to have a short break. I'll start "Personal Halfquake" in January 2003. I need this, really.

Meanwhile I'm playing warcraft III and making some music (a depressive cover of silent night for example).. Maybe I'll do some maps for warcraft III. Who knows.

Stay dead.




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