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February 28th 2007

My previous personal website has been removed (all except the startpage) and all old websites lead directly to the content on the farm now.

And, believe it or not, this news section features comments now (called 'Notes'). It requires a PHQ account.

I had a bunch of thoughts recently, and I'm going to throw these at you starting today, adding another one as soon as possible.

Muddasheep's Daydream - Part 1

You're driving in your car on the highway and suddenly out of nowhere gravity stops working. Slowly your car and all surrounding cars would drift into air, with nothing to hold on to. There's nothing you can do about it and the last few minutes in your life while drifting farther and farther away from earth's surface, getting less and less oxygen to breathe, you'll think about how this was possible. It's not, you say? How come? Just because we and our physicists can't explain it? That's a lame excuse. Think about the effects! Just like we're relying on electricity and the internet today, gravity is something nobody would expect suddenly to disappear. Imagine half the world's population would just fly away, next to trains, planes, houses, millions of rocks, trees, cars, toys, and so on. Rescue teams trying to get people down from skyscrapers where they found one open window that saved their lives, watching images on television of large chains of humans that hold on to each other, reaching into sky several meters, the lowest human holding on to a mere root in the ground, waiting to get help. Imagine the afterlife, the remaining people getting used to no gravity on earth. News channel reporters appearing in suits with magnetic boots, electricity cables not hanging down, just hovering between the towers. Could there be a life outside? It would be extremely dangerous without any safety regulations. Scientists around the globe would try to find the reason behind the loss of gravity, finding it ridiculous and terrifying at the same time.

What would you do? You're walking under the open sky and suddenly gravity defies humanity's physical laws and you slowly drift out into space, nothing to hold on to. Would you laugh? I thought so.

February 25th 2007

Antaran's Journal has been updated with Day 57. I've also corrected a few spelling and grammar mistakes in all previous entries and changed a few minor things here and there. I'll try to add more entries in the coming days.

February 22nd 2007

The CD you see to the left contains all 14 tracks of the album Remains in high quality. The simplistic booklet that comes in the CD case contains all lyrics and artworks from the Remains lyrics page. And you can expect a few of my fingerprints, but those are free of charge. Altogether it costs $9, plus $9 for shipping and packaging (I'll use super soft envelopes to ensure the CD arrives at your place without any damage), so $18.00 (€13.74) in total.

This CD is available until the end of March!

To order the CD simply use the following button to pay and send me your address through PayPal:

February 20th 2007

I just had this idea for a t-shirt in my mind for a few weeks now and I made the design and bought the shirt for myself. Now I thought maybe one of you would like to have one of these as well. I'll leave this one up for about a month and maybe I come up with another then.

The t-shirt I'm talking about is the Patience T-Shirt. It reads:

"Patience is called 'Patience' because you'll need about twenty minutes of patience."

Price: $19.99 / €15.21 requires a credit card. If you don't have a credit card you can send me your address and the size of the tshirt that you want, donate $19.99 + $7 international shipping costs through paypal (paypal doesn't need a credit card) and I'll send it to you directly from cafepress.

February 19th 2007

Welcome to The Farm 3.0! Previously, this page has been a provider for various projects, including some that weren't made by me, and it featured a completely obsolete Stuff section. Now I've decided to make The Farm a 100% Muddasheep platform. I've spent the previous two weeks rebuilding the farm from scratch and here are the results. Everything is based on database now instead of simple files and I've collected all content I've ever created and put it into Stuff and Downloads. The Info section has been updated. The overall HTML code is a bit cleaner now (still not valid, in case you're one of those whores).

I've removed the Sven and Links sections, and deleted the exp-daily-visits-thingie to the left. It's an empty box now but I've got a few plans for that nifty thing, so keep an eye on it.

If you notice any dead links, please send me an email. Thanks.

I'll try to work on a few details on the farm site and then I'll move towards my next goal.

I hope you like the new farm, the most personal muddasheep source you can get. (:




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