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December 31st 2010

December 26th 2010

Actine has done it again, blowing us all away with awesomeness. Check out his Sadism Machine, Gabriel's new version of Somos, and my humble drawing of some HQA Comic characters (which is a neatly folded paper that comes packed in with all orders of 40$ or above at the Place Where You Can Buy Things).

Actine's Sadism MachineGabriel's SommyHQA Characters (Special Order Gift)

And here are a few neat trap ideas by John (you'll need a PHQ account). There's even a trap called Land of Variation. Brings back memories.

So, apparently it's Christmas and 2011 approaches. I'm currently taking a little break to return with a fresh mind in January. Next year will definitely bring a lot of music (a handful of tracks from the Cry of Fear soundtrack, Taskless Sheep, and the collaboration with Pinkerator), and maybe even a little game and the new book. With Halfquake Sunrise actually done, it's been quite an unfamiliar feeling the past few months. While I have a few goals within reach, my mind's basically wandering around, trying to find the next big thing. I wonder what it's going to be.

November 16th 2010

Mod of the Year 2010It's that time of the year again, apparently. The Mod of the Year 2010 competition is upon us!

If you enjoyed dying over and over in Halfquake Sunrise, please spend one minute of your life, check the ModDB Profile and nominate it using the green button under that unnecessarily huge HQS logo (a registered account has a higher impact on votes, just saying).

Then draw an evil smiley on a flag, go outside and spread the word!

If Halfquake Sunrise gets into the Top 100, I'll publish the full HQS file I used to carry around for three years, along with the developer diary.

If you don't care about these things, you can simply have my thanks (but it expires within 20 years or so, you've been warned).

November 03rd 2010

Now that the server is kind enough to stay alive for a little while longer, here's what's new.

I'm on the Cry of Fear team (caution - the website has sound), helping out with music among other things. Cry of Fear is a horror mod for Half-Life, and it's beating the crap out of that old engine, and the terrifying atmosphere is already making the other mod Afraid of Monsters, created by the same people, look like a walk in the park.

Apart from that, I'm collaborating with Pinkerator to create some music. Here's a little taste.

As for Taskless Sheep, we're hitting one technical hurdle after another, but we're keen on finishing that second album, even if it costs us our arms and legs! Or, at least a toe nail. Yeah, we could spare that.

And in case anyone remembers, this month I finally get to finish the book I mentioned back in 2008, thanks to a huge motivation boost from the annual National Novel Writing Month. It's damn infectious, I tell you.

Furthermore, my friend Vino released a demo of his game Digitanks (Windows only). Check it out if you're into strategy games such as Advance Wars, Command and Conquer, or StarCraft. Even if you're not fond of the strategy genre, at least take a look at the opening sequence. I promise you, you'll enjoy it and gladly forward it to others. The music's quite good, too!

And lastly - remember this site well. Things might change sometime in the future.

November 01st 2010

Ah, and here we are again.

As you might have noticed, the server was down for the past few days. The real cause was never found (presumably hacking attempts), but the HDD got replaced and filled with a fresh OS install. We'll see if the problem returns.

If any error pops up anywhere, feel free to tell me about it.

And as always, thank you for staying around.




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