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December 19th 2016

This month's artist has been named in many of my projects, such as in Halfquake Sunrise for providing textures and inspiration. I've known her for a very long time now, and she has never let go of her passion to create. Recently, she started offering her art on stickers and tshirts (I have this one), and I urge you to check out the wares!
Thank you, Panterdjuret, for being around for a decade and more, and for being supportive of everything I create.

Without further ado, here are more random articles from yours truly:

November 08th 2016

I've made a new song, it's called "keep on going". You can download it here.

And some of my songs have been used in several animations.

Robert Yang also mentioned Halfquake in an interview with him, which was a nice surprise!

I'm still working on the piano album (you can see me practicing here), and my game. As usual, I'll post more stuff as soon as it's available.

Until next time!

September 21st 2016


Dmitriy's Postal 2 mod Useless Soul is still being worked on, as you can see in the concept art above. If you want, you can follow the mod's progress on any of the following links:
What else happened? Halfquake Amen turned 14, and I sent away the final Halfquake DVD. The books for Walter's Deal have suffered from a tiny issue (italic letters are hard to print, apparently!), but they are finally ready to be shipped now.

Special shout out to Szaladin for reaching the next cumulative patreon reward! Head over to his page and leave him a delicious like, I promise you he'll cherish it.

I'll keep on working on the next thing. Wish me luck!

September 08th 2016

Walter's Deal is real! Get your copy on Amazon, if you want to hold it in your hands. A signed gift edition is available in the store.

August 06th 2016

Walter's Deal

After nine years, my new book is finally done: Walter's Deal. Set in the early nineties, the story's about a scientist, who invents instant transportation, and a salesman, who does everything in his power to bring the technology to the masses.

You can grab it on Amazon. A physical copy is also available in the store, if you fancy printed words.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!




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