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December 16th 2019

Fanart by Hohi
Thanks to Hohi for this awesome fanart!

In October, Catty & Batty experienced their latest adventure. They also received their very own website, which you can check out here.

Two more songs were added to the list of the upcoming album "A Light Long Gone":

Also, all of my Cry of Fear songs are now on YouTube as well.

There is one more song left to release (hopefully during December), then the album will see a complete distribution on Spotify and everywhere else. There will also be a physical edition, which is going to happen via Kickstarter.

What's next? Of course, more Catty & Batty 2! Please look forward to that. :3

Special shout out to JanKaszanka, KeshaFilm, nyyet and Clay for being a patron for five months! Thank you!

October 05th 2019

The results for the Halfquake Art Contest are in!

Thank you Gadirhkop, Hohi, TheBetaHawk, Daniel Floyd, Greenbox, Pao Sebastian, Jace, KeshaFilm, Coda, Veven, and Futeko Snowfeather for your submissions!

We also have a music track by Inconnu Fletnn called YNA, it's based on unreleased Halfquake Sunrise soundtrack drums that I previously offered for remixes.

September 17th 2019

After several years, another Halfquake Art Contest is now underway! To participate, create a Halfquake-related image and submit it by October 1st 2019 via email. More details can be found in this post.

Djigallag played through the whole Halfquake Trilogy live on Twitch, you can find the archive here.

And I released a new song called middle one, hope you enjoy!

August 26th 2019

Good evening!

First and foremost, if you become a patron of mine before September 1st, you'll get a personal audio message (I will probably say something random, in my fancy Austrian accent).

Now onto The List™:(The Q&A video is for patrons only since it only answers questions asked by patrons, and it goes into a lot of personal opinions and experiences.)

I'm already working on the next two songs, and progress on Catty & Batty 2 is going well! I'll be back next month with more music. (:

July 19th 2019

I have a new profile picture and background for pretty much my entire online presence, thanks to Arhiee. You can check it out on Twitter, for example. I feel a lot better with this, the old one has gotten a bit stale. :D

Halfquake Trilogy now has seventeen achievements! Please read the post where I thank everyone.

I've also released two new songs: repeat it, which includes awesome bass by H4ndy, and true happiness, which features bass by Mark Valentine.

I'm already working on the next two songs, and will probably release another small update for Halfquake in the next month or so. We'll see!

Before I go: I've added a new goal on Patreon - if I reach 40 patrons, I will create a 40-minutes long chill track. If you'd like to hear that, join me here.

Thank you for reading, and see you again next time!




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