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December 09th 2002

Finally, the new farm design is online.

There are a few bugs that will be erased as soon as possible. (especially when browsing with opera)

If you notice any errors or bugs please write me an email.

My next project is called "Personal Halfquake". You'll be able to build your own institute and kill victims to gain experience points.

Stay dead.

December 06th 2002


No, seriously. I always wanted to do a trashy disco themed site. It's familiar to a trip I had (not) when I heard some aphex twin music.
A message to our children:
Don't you ever imitate this!

Ah yeah, the new design is comin on Monday or Tuesday ... Stay um .. tripped or somethin..

Awww.. such nice colors! (=

December 01st 2002

I'm very sorry, but I'm not going to post a new hqa comic tomorrow because I'm not at home and still working hard on the new farm design.
Thanks for your patience.
Oh, and keep having a look into our forum. A guy called Eskimobob publishes nice chapters from a story set around Halfquake Amen.

November 28th 2002

I received another email by a guy called James M. concerning Halfquake Amen:

"Woot!.. make more! make more! must die! must die!!"

I'm working very hard on ... yeah, you know this phrase already, don't you? (;
The Halfquake Amen Comic got a little update in the last few days. I added a list of the most common characters and frequently asked questions. Hope this helps a few people out there.

November 21st 2002

Okay folks.
I wrote about four mails to Chuck from PC Gamer but he didn't answer. Now I start a mailing party (:
Everyone who wants Halfquake Amen to be featured in one of the next PC Gamer issues writes NOW an email to or
Something like .. "have you ever heard about halfquake amen? ( it's so blablabla and blablabla and you should put it on your cd, dudes. cause it's SO blablabla and bla and overall blabla. thanks chuck!"
(replace the blahblahs with something useful)
Awright .. I count on you guys (:
Stay dead.




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