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August 26th 2019

Good evening!

First and foremost, if you become a patron of mine before September 1st, you'll get a personal audio message (I will probably say something random, in my fancy Austrian accent).

Now onto The List™:(The Q&A video is for patrons only since it only answers questions asked by patrons, and it goes into a lot of personal opinions and experiences.)

I'm already working on the next two songs, and progress on Catty & Batty 2 is going well! I'll be back next month with more music. (:

July 19th 2019

I have a new profile picture and background for pretty much my entire online presence, thanks to Arhiee. You can check it out on Twitter, for example. I feel a lot better with this, the old one has gotten a bit stale. :D

Halfquake Trilogy now has seventeen achievements! Please read the post where I thank everyone.

I've also released two new songs: repeat it, which includes awesome bass by H4ndy, and true happiness, which features bass by Mark Valentine.

I'm already working on the next two songs, and will probably release another small update for Halfquake in the next month or so. We'll see!

Before I go: I've added a new goal on Patreon - if I reach 40 patrons, I will create a 40-minutes long chill track. If you'd like to hear that, join me here.

Thank you for reading, and see you again next time!

June 04th 2019

In the past two months I continued to focus on making music, which you can hear for yourself once you explore the following list:I'm still trying to release one song per month until the end of the year, which will result in a complete album release. There's a new cover in the works with a professional artist, and I'm excited to show it to you once it is done!

And finally, Big Thanks to Mark Valentine, Matt453 and RickyRio for supporting me on Patreon!

March 22nd 2019

Pharabel Entertainment

Pharabel Entertainment, created by Djigallag, is a Halfquake spin-off built in RPG Maker VX, and after four years, it's finally complete and ready for download in Russian and English. Check out the trailer for some nifty in-game footage.

Congratulations on the release, Djigallag!

March 15th 2019

I have made a new song in collaboration with nine of my patrons, it's called Who We Are. It uses about 50 different layers and is probably the biggest music project I've ever done. Creating the visualization was also a really interesting experience, I will probably use this new knowledge again in the future.

If anyone wants to attempt a remix, each individual line is linked in the blog post.

Special shout out to Legendary_Pups, Ronny, Sharpet, and Syruss for their support on Patreon - thanks guys!

I have two more songs coming up (or more?), and I'll probably keep on working on my next mini-game. Also, Djigallag is going to release his game Pharabel really soon. Please look forward to that!




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