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Halfquake Sunrise

Submissions can no longer be accepted! You had your chance!

Want to play a part in Halfquake Sunrise? Now you can!

Dying For The Greater Good!

What do you have to do?

It's simple! Just grab the next best microphone and make a sound as if you were choking or getting stabbed to death (emphasis on "as if you were") and send it to me via e-mail. You can exaggerate as much as you want, and even send in a few variations if you feel overly creative.

Send the recorded agony in 128kbit/s MP3 format. Make sure it's only your voice without any additional sound effects (no gunshots or something like that).

I'm not responsible for anybody dying for real while recording, okay? Remember, you need to be alive to send the file to me afterwards! If you tell someone else to send the file after you've killed yourself - you're disqualified!

If your submission's good enough it will be featured ingame and your name will appear in the credits.

Have a nice day!