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I woke up today, looked outside the window and saw snow everywhere. I wished I could have gone back to bed, but now that I was out of jail, I had no excuse not to go to work.
Nothing really happened today. Time passed quickly as I delivered packages to about fifty people in Insomida. The snow was really a pain, it was way too cold outside. My feet were wet right after five steps. At least there was no wind. Just snow on the ground.
After work I went to old Shimad's Shop and used the money I got from Officer Weiler yesterday to buy new leather boots for myself (lined with sheep wool) to replace the ones I wore today (they're about six years old now anyways), and a new writing feather and a glass of black ink for Carana. The feather is golden with black stripes, I hope she'll like it (she's not home from school yet). There's still some money left of the compensation, which I'll probably carry to the bank tomorrow.
I'm really strained, and besides there wasn't really anything exciting today, so I'll just leave it at that, go and take a bath and wait for my wife to arrive at home.
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