-Antaran's Journal
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Just as I thought, it was all a mistake. Right after I woke up in my cell, feeling the pain in every part of my body because of the cold stone floor I had slept on, I heard someone shouting: "Release him!"
A tall man in an Insomida Guard Uniform went to the door of my cell and unlocked it by holding both hands onto a small plate next to it (still wondering how that worked). He nodded at me. I remember, Insomida Guards aren't allowed to speak, and rumor has it that they get their tongues cut out to honor the king they serve, and only every second guard survives this ritual. But I guess it's just a rumor.
I stood up and went out of the cell - with the guard following me. We went up the same stairs they had pushed me down the day before and the guard led me into the office. There she was, my wife, beautiful as ever. She was standing in the room, which was full of bookcases that were stuffed with hundreds of books about the law. Right in the middle of the room there was a massive wooden brown desk. Officer Weiler sat on a large throne-like seat, leaning forward with his arms on his desk.
"Good day, Sir Sivand!" He stood up, came to me with arms wide open, and a forced smile on his face, shook my right hand until I thought it broke (it still hurts while writing this) and said: "I must apologize, we've been mistaken by your appearance. We held you for someone else."
I bowed, didn't know what to say anyway. My wife Carana smiled at me, I smiled back. Who needs words?
"Of course, we've prepared a compensation for the troubles," Weiler continued. I stared at him. Had he read my journal? He went back to his desk, opened the bottom drawer on the left side and took a small bag out of it which he threw in my direction. I was still tired and weak - I hadn't drunk or eaten anything since they had thrown me into the cell - so I wasn't able to catch it, instead it hit me on my waist and it fell down on the ground, where I picked it up.
"Thank you," my wife said sarcastically.
Weiler grinned. My wife took me by my left arm and dragged me out of the office, out of the jail. "Let's go home," she said.
On the way home she told me that the guards had tried to catch a thief, and they'd caught me because I looked similar. I told her that it didn't matter, as long as I was with her again. Besides, now I know what jails look like from the inside, and I'm sure it will help me continuing my life without the need to commit a crime.
At home my wife cooked soup for us. I've returned to my everyday life, so the rest of the day I had to prepare for work tomorrow.
I kind of like this journal, that's why I will keep on writing. I wonder why the one before me had this on him and never wrote a single word. And I wonder what he had done to get into jail. Oh well. Tomorrow will be a stressful day, so I better finish this entry. Good night.
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